Antikrigs Finissage

Aldrig kunde vi tänka oss att utställningen Moment 22s antikrigstema skulle bli såhär aktuellt. Kom och delta i detta finissage mot krig och våld.

Nicklas Lundberg (SV) practice is centered around sculptural sound works, often with kinetic and interactive elements. His central themes which he problematize are normality and classification, which he approaches with a primitivistic work ethos. He seeks the highly functional error and delivers his critique of society in this way. Sonically his works reside in the vicinity of electro acoustic music, while at the same time they are strongly influenced by improvisational music.

Anatoliy Belov (UKR) is using the artistic medium for pushing the boundaries of identity politics, Belov and Kazmina take on board questions of queerness, gender, sexuality, love, loneliness, and alienation within a homophobic society. The artists use a surreal and poetic language, entangling gender and sometimes psychedelic experiences.

Mykola Ridnyi (UKR) Will present a film where the main heroes are the young people from Kharkiv, a city located in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Reaching their early twenties coincided with the breakout of the war in the neighbouring region of Donbass. An LGBT activist and poet, a fashion model, a group of street artists, a creator of a computer game – all of them are artists or working in the creative industries, typical for a peaceful life of a big city. However, the proximity to the war affects each of the characters and their activities. Heroes react and reflect political events through their specific relationships with the urban space and the reality of the social media.

Maria Kulikovska's (UKR) actions carry a sharp political critique of borders and boundaries, they have become a kind of self-reflection and psychological self-analysis of the artist. Using her own body and its opportunities in the actions and performances, Maria discusses marginalized and acute social issues of society.

Daniil Galkin (UKR) was born in 1985 in Dnipropetrovsk and belongs to the young generation of artists shaping the understanding of the role and importance of contemporary art in Ukraine and abroad. He studied at the Theater and Art College and the Academy of Construction and Architecture in Dnipropetrovsk, where he lives and works. In his art he investigates life of an individual within the system entailing all-round control and oppression.

Anastasiya Yarovenko , born in 1983, grew up in Ukraine, currently lives and works in Vienna. She is going to present an animation that connects to the current tema of the exhibition Moment 22. The chicken or the egg - this logical paradox has no start and thus no end. The Never Starting Story is an attempt to solve this causality dilemma and answer a metaphysical question about the first chicken or egg at the same time evoking the questions of how life and the universe in general evolve.

kl 12-16 utställningen "Moment 22"
kl 16-17 fika
kl 17-17.20 Konsert med Nicklas Lundberg
kl 17.30-19.00 Ukrainsk videokonst med:
Anatolij Belov, Mikola Ridnau,
Marina Kulikovskaja och Aaniil Galkin.