malcolm pardon & gustaf broms

Performative Konsert:

Malcolm Pardon kommer på söndag in i Gustaf Broms helhetsinstallation och så framför de en performativ konsert tillsammans. Kom och upplev något alldeles extra, ett experiment, en gemensam närvaro och definitivt något helt unikt. Man kan komma och gå som man vill under den fyra timmar långa performancen. Får inte missas!

English version:

On Sunday, Malcolm Pardon will join Gustaf Broms in his installation and they will create a performative concert together. Come and experience something completely unique. Not to be missed!

Malcolm Pardon biography
While he’s worked on many different projects over the years, there’s a common thread of cinematic poise linking Malcolm Pardon’s work together. His most prominent work has been as one half of Roll The Dice alongside Peder Mannerfelt. Their widescreen electronica combines orchestral sensibilities with a roughly textured, experimental edge, collaborating with artists such as Pole, Alessandro Cortini and Glasser, and finding a home on Digitalis, Leaf and their own label A New Black.
With a mixture of Scottish and Swedish heritage, Pardon’s earliest dalliances into music were in London in the early 90s at the height of the Britpop era, even flirting with major label success playing bass in the band Kinky Machine. He eventually moved back to Stockholm and immersed himself into songwriting and production. As well as the many albums and tours with Roll The Dice, he established himself within the realm of soundtrack composition for TV and film, co-scoring projects such as Chernobyl director Johan Renck’s The Last Panthers series, and additional music for Hollywood projects Edge Of Tomorrow and Anon, to name but a few.
While his soundtrack work and Roll The Dice continue unabated, Pardon has also embarked on his own solo music projects with the release of Hello Death, a personal exploration of our relationship with mortality as expressed through plaintive, minimal piano pieces and atmospheric production (assisted by Peder Mannerfelt and Pär Grindvik as Aasthma).

Gustaf Broms biography
Gustaf Broms works in the borderlands between performance, video and installtion. He was born in Sweden in 1966, currently lives and works in the Vendel forest. Gustaf’s practice is engaged with the exploration of the nature of consciousness, the dualistic concept of Being NATURE (the biological process of body), and being MIND (as intellect interprets experience). In his practice, he started off working photography and installation, but two work in particular led him to work with the more formless processes of performance.
In 1991, Broms burned all of his work, and in doing so realized that the intensity of the action and the remaining ash far outdid anything he had previously made. In 2005, he completed a series of works entitled “5 Faiths for a Brave New World” in which he worked with objects that were physically too heavy for the body to move. These two experiences created a longing to explore the formless and led up to the project entitled “A Walking Piece” made with Trish Littler, in which the two artists spent 18 months walking across Eastern Europe. The result is considered a drawing. Currently, Broms’ continues to work with his own body as the tool for examining what this living thing is Uppsala, Sweden.

Performance och Konsert
söndag 19 maj 2024
kl 12-16, man kan komma
och gå som man vill.

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