QUISQUOSE #8: Jean Louis Huhta: 1+1=3 solo performance.

At the finissaget for the exhibition "Inget att se här!", Jean-Louis Huhta will present magnetoencephalography recordings that were made using 306 sensors that picked up his brain's magnetic activity, while he was laying down and transitioning into sleep. These recordings were done by neuroscientist Dr. Stephen Whitmarsh, who then analyzed oscillatory activity in several frequency bands (theta, alpha and beta), reflecting shifts in Huhtas focus, attention and relaxation. Jean-Louis will use open-source software and hardware (www.EEGsynth.org) to transform these fluctuations of brain activity into control voltages, which he will use to control his modular synthesizer.

Jean-Louis Huhta is an artist, composer, musician and DJ born in Gothenburg Sweden to Trinidadian and Finnish parents. He studied at the Electronic music studios EMS in Stockholm and Sound art at STDH. He specializes in electronic music, percussion, improvisation and experimental modular synthesizer performances. He has been a part of the world of techno and acid since the early 90’s. He has composed for contemporary dance, film and theatre and performed around the world solo and with various projects. He participated in the The Gothenburg Biennal (2013) and the Ghetto Biennal Haiti (2013). Current musical projects are Dungeon Acid, The Skull Defekts, Ocsid, Brommage Dub and High Boys. Record labels include FitSound Detroit, Huhta Home studios, Ideal Recordings and Zodiac.

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Utställning: kl 12-16
Fika: kl 16-17
Konsert: 17.00-17.20

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